150 ton press

The 150 ton four-column hydraulic press is mainly used for pressing and forming clock&watch parts, glasses parts, tableware, picture frame, metal trim, lock parts and hardware

Main Features

1). Energy saving and emission reduction: hydraulic and electronic control adopts intelligent servo saving system, saving 50-70%

2). Safety & Precision: Each machine is equipped with an infrared safety net, which effectively protects the operator's safety. The patented intelligent servo control system ensures that the repeating position accuracy of the machine is up to ±0.03mm and the pressure precision is ±1 bar.

3). Low failure rate: intelligent patent servo control system, no useless running, not easy to increase the oil temperature, no negative pressure in the oil system, greater failure reduction, extending the service life of hydraulic components, electrical appliances with automatic fault alarm function And one-button reset function.

4). & stable amp; Durable: The frame adopts the frame structure of the whole machine, and the slider uses precision guide rails to operate. It is resistant to impact and lateral pressure, and the whole machine is stable, accurate and durable. It is suitable for cutting, forming, extrusion and other process uses.

5). Easy maintenance: the whole 150 ton four-column hydraulic press machine according to different functional modes, designed in a modular structure, easy to disassemble, the general fault can be seen directly through the touch screen, easy maintenance.


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150 ton press

150 ton press



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